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[17/m] This girl (18/f) almost had a wardrobe malfunction during a school play, I tried to cover her from being exposed but now she's mad at me. Did ......

Ruto Hosea

Nov. 07, 2019

ubmitted 20 minutes ago by OutsideBobcat8
My high school had been doing a play, this girl and i (she's 18, I'm 17) were cast in the lead roles. All our friends and family were there.
What happened was her costume, she tripped and fell and her costume broke. The straps at the top almost completely came loose. And it looked like it was about to fall off, if she stood up. Which she was about to do. Seriously, from where I was standing, you could see EVERYTHING. Since she wasn't wearing a bra or anything underneath.
She rolled onto her back and started to stand, so I kind of dogpiled her. I didn't want her to be exposed to all her family and friends. So, i did, and I tried to cover her before she got exposed. She tried to sit up, but I tried to hold her down until the curtain crashed down.
She was furious and started yelling at me, I tried explaining why I did it, the theater teacher tried to defuse it, but she kept shouting at me. She stormed off and we couldn't even finish the show. But still, I just wanted to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.
Tl;dr- girl's top almost came off during a school play, so I covered her, now she's mad.
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