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10 Coronation Street spoilers: A devastating accident, a shocking discovery and a huge windfall

idhiris ozy

Nov. 07, 2019

It’s another big week in the cobbles in our latest Coronation Street spoilers, as Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) finds himself the victim of a horrifying car crash, leaving Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) both worried and inquisitive, and Gemma Winter ( Dolly-Rose Campbell ) and Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) make a huge windfall, as they’re given an offer they simply cannot refuse.
Elsewhere, Peter Barlow ( Chris Gascoyne ) attempts to convince Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) to return home, and Roy Cropper (David Neilson) informs Carla Connor (Alison King) about his secret brother.
Monday 11th November Part One
Michelle informs Alya about Ray’s habit for making unwanted advances, and warns her to watch out for him. However, Alya confronts Ray over Michelle’s comments, and he retaliates by issuing her with a letter for breach of contract and defamation.
As Robert drives home from Vicky’s, he receives a call from a devastated Michelle, but the call distracts him from the road and he ends up crashing his car.
Roy reveals that his online scrabble obsession is due to the fact that he believes his opponent to be none other than his secret brother, and Gemma and Chesney — and their quadruplets — are asked to be the new faces of the Freshco supermarket.
Monday 11th November Part Two
Roy opens up to Carla about how he recently discovered that his mum had an affair and, as a result, he has a secret brother. After he informs her that he’s got an address for his long-lost sibling, Carla encourages Roy to track him down but, upon arriving at said address, he’s left disappointed when the young woman at the door claims to have no recollection of a man named Richard.
Michelle is horrified to learn that Robert’s been in a car accident, but her interest is piqued when she realises that he’s being taken to the Macclesfield hospital when he was supposed to be in Sandbach. She’s later confused when Robert proceeds to ask her about a baby — and, later, she notices his big Daddy necklace.
Geoff is horrified to realise that Yasmeen has packed a bag on his behalf for their Vegas trip, and proceeds to call her controlling, before agreeing to go. Gemma’s furious with Bernie when she finds out that she took £500-worth of extras from the hotel in Llandudno.
Wednesday 13th November Part One
A worried Michelle questions Robert about her discoveries, but he’s able to answer every single one of her questions. Meanwhile, a worried Vicky learns of what happened to Robert and rushes to be at his bedside, leaving him incredibly worried.
With Bernie’s actions having left them with no other choice, Gemma and Chesney meet with the Freshco manager to discuss the offer she previously made to them, and they’re shocked when she proceeds to offer them £60k.
Roy returns to Richard’s — with Carla by his side — and the care worker lets him in, before informing him that Richard is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis.
Wednesday 13th November Part Two
Roy reveals the truth to Richard, confirming that he’s actually his brother. Robert’s disgruntled as both Vicky and Michelle pay him visits at different times — but will they come face-to-face?
A delighted Chesney and Gemma toast their winnings in the Rovers, and Bernie suggests they all go on a holiday. Gemma’s quick to nip such an idea in the bud, as she claims her children are her top priority.
Friday 15th November Part One
Ken and Claudia’s trop to Scotland to locate Daniel proves unsuccessful, and thus the pair return to the Street. however, not all hope is lost, as Peter managers to get in tough with Daniel — who reveals that he’s really in Cheshire.
Robert heads to Vicky’s to end things with her, but — unbeknown to him — Michelle and Carla have his phone, and they’ve followed him to Vicky’s place.
Paul’s not pleased to learn that Kel is on his way back to the cobbles, and Amy fakes an injury to try and persuade Emma to stay at theirs.
Friday 15th November Part Two
Michelle confronts Robert over what she’s discovered, before heading off to see Vicky for herself. Peter pleads with Daniel to come back to Weatherfield with him.
Billy wastes little time in threatening Kel upon his return to the Street, and thus issues him with a warming, telling him to stay away from No. 5 — and, more specifically, Joseph — or he’ll come to regret it.
Emma and Amy bond further, as Amy comes clean about her injury.
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