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Jurassic World Live Tour is a spectacle that brings the magic of the movies to life

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Nov. 06, 2019

In an age of streaming services and online videos, Jurassic World Live brings the fun of movies to an off-screen setting. People of any age will certainly enjoy this show.
Bringing dinosaurs to life might have been a bad idea in the Jurassic World series, but make no mistake, bringing dinosaurs to life through props and a little stage magic is arguably one of the best decisions yet. In the Jurassic World Live Tour , you get to see just that, and it’s a bundle of pure fun that will make for a great night out with the family.
Without giving away too much, the show starts out in Jurassic World where the familiar Gyrosphere acts as one of the props for the first scene. It’s one of many little familiarities throughout the production that will put a smile on Jurassic Park and World fans’ faces. From the jeeps to the music to the dinosaurs, the live production really grounds itself in the world we’ve known for over 25 years while adding in a new storyline to make it all the more exciting.
This story takes place in Jurassic World, where a scientist and her team explore the behavior and moods of dinosaurs, with one and particular being her favorite. When things go awry at Jurassic World (as they always do), the team is challenged with finding their missing dinosaur, Jeanie, and fighting off the evildoers who want Jeanie and the scientist’s technology for themselves.
Because of the targeted age group, the story is definitely geared towards children, so you may not feel like you’re necessarily walking into Jurassic World 3 . But it does feel more like a Jurassic World spinoff that you’d find your kids watching on their tablets on a Saturday morning. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because, at the end of the day, Jurassic World Live has something that streaming services lack: live, realer than real entertainment.
Taking my 9-year-old sisters with me, I was amazed at how (at least for these few hours while we were out), their heads were out of their phones and tablets and engaging with a fun, live production. It’s rare that kids step away from the screens to see something live and on stage, and it helps that this show is all about the spectacle.
There’s always something to look at on the stage: perhaps it’s two duelers on motorbikes, or an exciting (kid-friendly) fight, or a dinosaur chase, or a character doing a Fortnite dance (which even got a good laugh out of me).
The show does allow photography, and there are some great moments that will beckon you to take out your phone and snap a picture or two. Most of the dinosaurs do a nice parade walk around the stage so everyone can get a good view. You probably don’t need my recommendation, but definitely have your camera out when it’s time for the big one to arrive: the T. rex.
If you are a true Jurassic World fan, be on the lookout for references to the movies throughout the show. It’s something bittersweet that I think the younger fans often didn’t come to recognize (the first movie did come out in 1993, after all). But ultimately, it’s a little treat for the older fans who do remember the movies and how it all started.
So, if you’re looking for a fun night out with your family (or friends) that’s a departure from the click-and-watch entertainment we’re so used to, Jurassic World Live will definitely be a fun experience for everyone. And if you’re like my family, you’ll be putting on the movies and humming the theme song for the rest of the week.
Jurassic World Live is touring now throughout the United States. For more information, you can visit the Jurassic World Live website.
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