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Girlfriend (20 F) is talking to high-school fling (20F) I’ve (23M) have confronted her in past about talking to her ex bf(20M) on Snapchat. Feeling ......


Nov. 06, 2019

Should I be upset with this? I went through her saved messages to her old girl fling ( she lets me on her phone but doesn’t know I went through her messages with her) and that’s how I found out that she wasn’t just a friendlier she’s said. She’s said that she’s an old friend from high school.
To summarize the messages she sent to her, which were two to three years ago, she basically said she didn’t want to be lesbian but that that girl was different for her.l and how she finds her so attractive etc...
Now when I looked at her snap friend list she’s become best friends with her again. She used to have her ex bf on snap too and he was also her best friend. I confronted her about it and she apologized heavily saying that she just talked with him about how each other are doing and what not.
After I confronted her she deleted him and everything related to him, but now I have this issue. I firmly believe that one cannot stay friends with a past lover as the attraction never fades. How angry would you be about this? Is it worth breaking up? I feel disrespected.
I want to ask her like oh who’s this girl ? And see if she lies to me and if she does what do you think that would indicate?
TLDR; girlfriend talked to boy ex on Snapchat still and I confronted her which she apologized and removed him but now is talking to girl who she had flings with in high school. We’ve been dating for 8 months
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