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Don’t Tell The Bride groom branded ‘worst ever’ after arranging CAVE ceremony & her furious family refused to attend


Nov. 04, 2019

IT'S a show which never fails to shock us - but last night, horrified viewers branded this Don't Tell the Bride groom the worst in the programme's history after he forced his bride to tie the knot in a dark and dingy CAVE.
Although Leona had always fantasied about getting married in a stunning outdoor ceremony, her fiance Steve's plans were a far cry from the woodland ceremony streamed with fairylights she had in mind.
At the beginning of the show, the hopeful bride, from Leeds, said: "My dream wedding would be a woodland setting, white lilies everywhere, really elegant fairy lights all twinkling in the background.
"I would like something very classy and sophisticated."
Needless to say, Steve had very different plans for their big day and spent their £13,000 budget organising their ceremony in a dark, damp cave before hosting a Wild West-themed reception.
And Leona's family were so outraged by it all that they refused to attend after falling out with Steve and his relatives.
As there were no suitable caves nearby in Leeds, the groom only told all their guests that the wedding would be taking place over 100 miles away the day before.
Before Steve announced his elaborate plan, Leona's mother said: "My only [wish] is that he keeps it local because you've got your granddad and grandma."
The bride added: "Yeah they wouldn't be able to go far. I want everyone there I love which is one of my biggest fears. I want him to think about me too."
After it was revealed that the ceremony was not going to be local, Leona's family were outraged that her 85-year-old granddad was going to have to stay in a bunk bed.
She said: "I feel very hurt by the fact that my own partner has put my mother in tears and if the people he loves are just there - what's the point of me being there?"
Leona was also left raging after it was revealed that all the guests would have to make their own way to the venue and sort their accommodation.
What's more, after Leona's stepfather expressed concern for her grandfather's sleeping arrangements, Steve simply said: "Don't come then."
Following the tense phone call, he said: "I'm not in the mood for it in the slightest. They can ram it as far as I'm concerned.
"It's the night before, I've looked in the local area and there's 40 hotel rooms still available. You want to book your 85-year-old dad a hotel room then book it because I've never met him."
Although Leona still went along with Steve's plans, her father was the only family member to attend her wedding.
Realising that she was going to have to scale through a mine to watch her daughter marry was the final straw for Leona's mum who broke down in tears and refused to go inside before ultimately heading home.
The bride said: "I'm devastated. If this comes between me and Steve then I've lost the man who I'm head over heels in love with."
Earlier in the show, Steve had blown £2,500 of their budget to build a bridge in the middle of the cave with a 200ft drop.
The groom said: "I want a Western film wedding in true film fashion with a brilliant cliffhanger ending.
"It's my chance to show her she can trust me. And what better way to do it than suspend her between two cliffs?"
As she made the 15 minute journey to the centre of the cave, Leona fumed: "Oh god, I don't want to do this.
"All my family are down there and I'm getting married in front of all of his family."
Although Steve tried to justify his decision to hold the wedding in a cave, Leona said: "It is very unique but you know for a fact I don't like climbing or mining or any confined spaces."
Meanwhile, her maid-of-honour said: "Leona is one hell of a woman to do that. And god she must love Ste, she must love him so much."
After seeing how Steve reacted to Leona's family's concerns, viewers took to Twitter to express their outrage.
One wrote: "As someone who's lost all of their grandparents and who never saw me get married, if I was in Leona's position I would be devastated.
"I just want to give her a massive hug and the biggest glass of prosecco in the world."
Another added: "OMG her whole family went home?? Gobsmacked."
A third joked: "Steve: 'Well, my family are coming so f**k everyone else.'
"Prince Charming is real."
"As someone who is engaged, watching that episode of Don't Tell the Bride was painful," another tweeted. "Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine my future husband treating my family with such disrespect."
While others labelled Steve "selfish", another critic added: "This is the WORST wedding ever on Don't Tell the Bride. What a pair. Such a w*****."
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