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Morning Open Thread - Line Rider Piano Guys, “Something Just Like Liszt!"

Yinusa Quadri

Oct. 12, 2019

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The diarist gets to sleep as long as she likes, and she can show up long after the post published — if at all!  That is a feature, not a bug. Other than that, site rulz rule.
Join us, please.
From ThePianoGuys :
This mash-up of “Something Just Like This" and "Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2" is one of our most intricate arrangements yet. When Liszt wrote music, especially for his 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies, it’s like he was piling material from several “hit songs” into a compilation of dazzling, finger-flying feats of melody and harmony. We picked our favorite themes from his staggering Second Rhapsody and wrote them right on top of the sticky melodies and chord progressions from “Something Just Like This.” The idea was inspired by our recent tour, which included a concert in the incomparable city of Budapest, where the model for this match-up was molded. We present, “Something Just Like Liszt!"
Mark Robbins / Doodle Chaos:
"Typically I have to stick to public domain music so that I don’t violate copyright. This project was super exciting because I got to work with more current music thanks to the Piano Guys! One rule I follow when I make Line Rider videos is that I have to love the music I’m using…. Continued
Grab your cup and pull up a chair. What is on your mind this morning?
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