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'He Is My Bestie But Pant Dey Shift!'- Nigerian Man Shares A Betrayal Story


Oct. 09, 2019

A Nigerian guy has called out his guy on Twitter for sleeping with a lady he introduced to him. 
Guys have a Bro Code that they live by and one of it is not to steal your guy's girl.
According to him, he got suspicious of the affair after he saw his friend rocking his girlfriend in a video she shared with the caption #lynkupwithjameson. 
Upon hacking his girlfriend's phone, he discovered that she has been exchanging nudes and sleeping with his friend way before she got introduced to him.
Read the thread of tweets below.
Beware of your girlfriend’s male bff !!!!!!! 3 months ago this nigga introduced me to kiki ,i liked her right from the moment he posted her picture, I begged for her number after he told me they were just friends, we got talking ,after a month we started dating... A THREAD..
She was smart,sweet and fashionista she has her own clothe brand,inshort she was the love of my life,  i wanna give her everything even before she asked, I would post her almost everyday on my status ,nigga will hmu like baba i go love oh
Little did i know he was pulling her pant behind behind me, one day she posted a clip at lynkupwithjameson, and i saw my nigga rocking her , my eyes pop me sef never rock am like that before, i asked her about it she just wave it off like it’s nothing
So I begged a friend to help me hack her WhatsApp, i checked her messages with him and i saw that they were dating and trading nudes, before and after he introduced me to her ,they would talk and make jest about me
Nigga you should have told me when i asked you @timi_of_lagos
I thought you were my friend , you do me strong thing , i no go fit forgive you aswear !!!
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