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My [F 23] SO [M 23] has been promising to take me on a trip for my birthday, pulled out the day before and I had already gotten all my shifts covered.


Oct. 08, 2019

My boyfriend "Tom", for two months now, has been offering to buy us tickets to go to LA for my birthday. In all my excitement I got all my corresponding work shifts covered so we could go.
For two months I kept asking Tom to make sure to buy tickets, asking what kinds of things are we gonna do in LA, etc. Every time he would tell me he's got a big surprise coming. Two days ago I double checked if we were going and he said "Yes!".
Last night I asked him again, and for apparently the first time in these two months he actually checked flights and the prices jumped up to $600. He told me "I'm not spending $1200 for you to go to LA. Cry all you want".
I am fucking out $500 at the very least from giving away shifts I cant get back. I already told friends and family we were going on this trip and I'm SO embarrassed to tell them we aren't going because he couldnt bother to get tickets in time.
He said he was sorry but to be honest, I think he is just annoyed at my reaction and cant comprehend how fucked up this is. It's like he was dangling this treat in front of my face and then just took it away.
We have 10 months left on our lease and I have 4 days to do god knows what. This is so fucked up reddit, what do i do?
TL;DR: my boyfriend lied about taking me on a trip. Tried to buy tickets last minute but said "i'm not paying 1200 for you to go on a trip. Cry all you want" what do?
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