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I'm (28M) in a relationship but can't stop thinking about another girl

Ntukuyoh, Nseobong O.

Oct. 07, 2019

Standard throwaway preface as my gf uses reddit. I'm also not expecting this post to make me many friends.
To try and keep this brief, I've been with my gf for coming up on 3 years, the relationship is maybe 90% perfect, we have niggles here and there (but who doesn't). I love this girl, we've done so much together and have a lot planned. My relationship is also good for me as I tend to engage in self-destructive behaviors when left to my own devices.
One thing however, that's always been at the back of my mind, is this girl I fell for at college just over 3 years ago. I only knew her for 3 or 4 months, we engaged in self-destructive behaviors and it wasnt healthy but I fell hard. I was coming out of college 4 years ahead of her so nothing ever progressed. We stayed in contact through social media for a few months, I then met my gf.
My gf wasn't happy about my continued contact with this girl from college so I cut the contact and we haven't spoken in over two years. I have her on no social media but I can't get her out my head. It was a bit on and off but since my gf moved in with me 4 months ago the thoughts of this other girl have just been increasing. It's now at the point where every night before I fall asleep I'm thinking of her and I'll admit that I've thought about her during sex occasionally (I'm sure that'll win me fans)
Just want advice or an outside perspective really. I'm scared to bring it up with my gf because she really does not like the idea of this girl. Has anyone had something similar?
Tl;dr, cant stop thinking about girl from college I had a 4 month fling with despite being in a loving relationship for nearly 3 years. Thoughts are becoming more and more prevalent and don't know what to do
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