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Women likely to fall in love with binge drinkers because boozing is an evolutionary show of strength and health, scientists claim


Oct. 06, 2019

WOMEN are likely to fall for binge drinkers — because boozing could be an ­evolutionary way to woo them, scientists have revealed.
Research suggests sinking large amounts of alcohol delivers a “sexual signal” that indicates the male is “healthy and strong”.
Experts from the universities of Pennsylvania and Buffalo, US, said binge boozing also provides personal information about a drinker’s character that would be used in assessing a mate’s worth.
Data from the UK and other countries shows heavy drinking sessions are more prevalent among wealthier individuals — potentially reflecting affluence in a possible mate.
The study of American men suggests the amount of drinking is influenced by the number of eligible males that are present compared to females.
Its authors wrote: “More eligible men compared to women was associated with higher male binge drinking rates but lower female binge drinking rates.
“Our findings generally support predictions der­ived from evolutionary theory and suggest binge drinking may function as a costly sexual signal, conditionally regulated by age and the local sex ratio.”
Binge drinking was defined as a session in which women consume more than four alcoholic drinks and men more than five.
Another study found binge drinking is more likely to damage the health of young men.
Researchers examined brain responses of ­volunteers who had been drinking and found greater changes in males.
Dr Outi Kaarre, of the University of Eastern Finland , said: “This means long-term alcohol use affects young men and women very differently.
We need to find out how these differences manifest themselves.”
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