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I (18 M) have been kicked out of the house by my parents


Oct. 06, 2019

For context, this started yesterday.
I had a driving lesson yesterday while my parents went for coffee. The instructor gave me an acceptable response but says I would fail a test if I didn't work on a few things. When my parents got back I told them what the instructor had said and they were pissed. Dad went on this massive tangent about how I've been driving long enough to not make these mistakes (60+ hours)
After a long, quiet car ride (aside from dad yelling at me and mum making petty remarks, we got home. I handed dad the keys and that's when he grabbed me, shook me around and then threw me. I was kicked out of the house for half the day and didn't eat that night.
This moring I woke up and no one was home. After 5ish hours dad came into my room and said I have until the end of next week to find somewhere else to live or live on the streets.
I dont know what to do, or any of my personal information that employers would need and I'm stressing out over this.
tl;dr I did okay in a driving lesson, dad beat me and now I'm homeless in 7 days
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