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Have You Ever Had Pity Sex? Here Is When You Are The One Being Pitied


Oct. 06, 2019

#1 You slept with someone after emotional trauma. 
If you just had to deal with a really emotionally heavy situation and you ended up having sex with someone right after, it’s probably pity sex.
If they knew about it, they felt bad. If you were crying, it was surely pity sex because they wouldn’t really want to have sex with a crying person. They just did it to make you feel better. 
#2 You had sex after a breakdown or a fight. 
Even makeup sex can be pity sex. If you just went through an emotional breakdown or had a fight with your significant other and had sex right away, it wasn’t normal sex at all. It was likely pity sex.
#3 You had sex with someone who dumped you. 
Now, I’m not really the type to have sex with someone who just broke my heart but some people want one last taste before accepting the state of their relationship. That could be you.
If your partner just dumped you and you end up having sex, it’s not breakup sex. It’s pity sex, most likely. They feel bad about breaking your heart so they’ll just do you one more time.
#4 You were being comforted and then ended up having sex. No matter what you were being comforted for, if you had sex as a means to feel better or after someone cheering you up, consider that pity sex.
#5 The other person didn’t want to at first but then you got upset. 
This might be a little more difficult to spot just because most of us don’t want to admit when someone doesn’t want to do it. If you were trying to get with someone who seemed uninterested at first, it’s pity sex. They didn’t change their mind. They felt bad for denying you.
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