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Partner (34M) Is Refusing To Sign A Prenup. Should I Walk To Maintain My FIRE Pot I've Built?

Tom Nuel

Oct. 04, 2019

I am a 27F who inherited south of 5 million dollars 2 years ago and 2 million dollars in property. I did not tell anyone about this and simply invested it. I have a job which maintains my lifestyle and I just saw it as money to continue to build and compound for future FI. I was hoping to work my current job and for the next 12 years or so and RE at 40.
I feel I have done everything 'right'. I went to college, got a good job, I've not wasted my inheritance.
18 months ago I met a guy who I adore and who means the world to me, I did not tell him about the money. He proposed to me after 6 months and here lies the problem. He is absolutely refusing to sign a prenup. Absolutely refusing. He went absolutely mental at the idea. Today shit hit the fan because he said 'what if you leave me after 10 years then I'd be left with nothing' :/
He claims he views the prenup as an 'insurance policy' and a sign I do not 'trust him'. Etc. The whole thing is going left now and he is being firm that he does not believe in prenups and he refuses to sign anything. Now we are in an awkward position because I've had to tell him about the money (so he knows about it now and keeps referencing it) AND he refuses to sign a prenup.
I was really just hoping to let that 5 million and the property appreciate over the next 12 years. I know it may sound selfish but my grandparents worked very hard to build their fortune and I believe I should be able to keep that money for my pension/future.
He went nuts and claimed he is willing to end the relationship as this is a sign I don't trust him. To put into perspective his networth is good too 150k but mine is 7 million. That is a HUGE difference.
This is my pension. My nest egg. I don't want to touch it. It's mine.
What should I do?
Should I walk? Or take the gamble. It just seems like such a big gamble to take. Is that being unromantic? :-( or selfish :-(
TLDR 27F with 34M for 18 months. 34M refusing to sign prenup. 27F Networth: 7 million. 34M networth: 150k
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