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My brother in law (35m) is being abused by my sister in law (35f), but nobody wants to say anything because she’s the blood relative.

Joseph Michael

Sept. 18, 2019

My wife has a sister and they are very close. Our family is very small and everyone has young children in this story.
Over the years it’s become apparent to us that my wife’s sister is abusing (verbally, emotionally and has physically) my brother in law.
I feel horrible for the guy, he can’t leave his house without her telling him where to go, he has to be home at certain times, he has to bring her to almost everything he does - he constantly tells me how crazy she is and how he isn’t allowed to do anything. I constantly hear her just blasting him on the phone too.
On different occasions he’s lied about his whereabouts just to get a break from her (he’s not doing anything bad, literally hanging with the boys and he makes stuff up)
She uses and abuses his money and my wife and I feel horrible for him.
The issue is, SHE is our relative. He’s the guy who married her.
Nobody wants to say anything because it would destroy our family, hurt her mother etc but the sad part is if the gender roles were reversed here, people would have said something years ago .
Edit: let’s be clear that I know the correct thing to do is to intervene and break up our family. I’m aware that’s what people are going to say to do, but it’s not realistic here. My wife won’t do it either.
Tl;dr my blood relative sister is abusing her husband and we don’t know what the move is
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