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INSIDE LIFE! 'Men Are Gold Diggers Too'- Women Share Hilarious Experiences


Sept. 18, 2019

Women like money..women are materialistic..women are gold diggers..This is a record we all know so well but the tables do turn, don't they.
A Ghanaian woman took to twitter to share her opinions on the fact they men can be gold diggers too and indeed there are a number of them.
According to her, the men pretend to be doing so well and after a few weeks of communication with you, they begin to tell you their financial woes and top it by asking for a loan they might never pay back.
Read her tweets below.
Men are gold diggers too but y’all are not ready for that convo. I’ve met men who pretended to be doing very well in life & a week or 2 after we meet, their financial problems miraculously starts. Today they lost an investment, tomorrow something happened to their bank account.
It’s always 1 problem after another when they realize that I’m doing well for myself. They make up all these issues just so I will  think that they are on my level but lost it somehow. Men do this to be a part of the wonderful life a woman has built for herself. Goldfdiggers?
You can’t lie your way into someone’s life cuz the truth always comes out eventually. At least women don’t lie their way into a man’s life for financially gains. Men always know what a woman wants from him but a man will lie his way into a woman’s life for financial gains.
Broke me don’t want to hear that they are broke so women become the gold diggers. You are broke, who is trying to dig you sir? Please make it make sense.
Her tweets have led to Nigerian women pointing fingers at Abuja men as the people she is referring to.
Read the various responses below.
Painful part is, most of them won't give you when they have. Okay fine, don't give me your money. Pls return that 50k you borrowed in 1942. I need it urgently. It's really important. You'll still be hearing story
So will say, " borrow me 50k. Im expecting 500k from someone next month and the next month never comes. But the they you will complain you are broke too, thats when the fight starts
I have met a couple of guys who turned the first date to interview sessions. Where do you work? Do you have an idea how much entry level earns? And you are not entry level, wow! You live alone? Do you pay school fees for your siblings?are your parents in Lagos?...
Abuja clean shaved fine boys, great dress sense with big cars sitting pretty on this table, before you blink, you have a live in boyfriend
Ride on Sis.. You are on track... Bunch of married men packed up in one apartment to hustle women with money in Abuja. Na them Loud it pls
Ladies, have you had any experience with a gold-digger?
Share it below.
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