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Education Minister Treats Parents, Students With Arrogance & Disrespect


Sept. 18, 2019

….Said They Were Bussed By President Mahama To Fake Collapse At Independent Square
Education Minister, yesterday surprised many listeners of Asempa 94.7 FM’s social political talk show, Ekosii Sen, with a dose of arrogance and disrespect, when he took time to respond to concerns over the Senior High School (SHS) Placement issues, which saw parents and students, fainting and rushed to various hospitals in Accra.
Matthew Opoku Prempeh, scored himself 85percent, but variously blamed ex-President John Dramani Mahama, for the busing of parents and their children to the Independent Square, to bastardize the Akufo-Addo government, so as to unseat the administration at the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
The Education Minister, insisted that over 90percent of the 500,000 plus students had gotten admission, and been placed in various schools per their choice, and their performances at the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).
The Manhyia South Constituency Member of Parliament (MP), said he had the registration numbers of vehicles which transported the thousands of students and parents to the Independent Square and was ready to make them available on demand.
Stampedes were recorded at various times, with soldiers and police officers, charging on fleeing students and their parents, but the Minister, insisted all these were acts of sabotage by opposition elements, especially those in the National Democratic Congress (NDC).
In another shocking turn of events, the Education Minister, said that parents and students, who collapsed and were seen being rushed to the hospital on Monday in ambulances, had faked their condition, as part of the plot to make the Akufo-Addo government unpopular.
He insisted, there are vacancies for all the 512,000 students, who have qualified for SHS, revealing that the schools, have declared 520,000 vacancies.
The Education Minister, several times took ex-President Mahama, to the cleaners for building schools in the bushes and outskirts of town, thus burdening parents and students with cost and stress, claiming some students have refused going to Mahama’s E-Block Community Day schools, leaving them vacant.
The Manhyie South MP, insisted that, what ex-President Mahama, should have done was to expand existing schools, such as Achimota School, Mfantipim, Wesley Girls High Schools and others, with additional classrooms and dormitories for the prospective students to exercise their choices, instead of building new schools in the bush.
On the issue of the software, which has variously been blamed for the failure of the schools placement, he insisted that there was nothing wrong with the computerized programme.
He rated the computer programme and mentioned the new company manning the computer programme to be BK Grand; a wholly Ghanaian owned company.
A former Coordinator of the Computerized School Selection Placement System (CSSPS), Dr. George Atta-Boateng, had partly blamed the challenges with the placement of SHS students on the new placement software used by the GES.
But the education Minister, said the company, had gone through competitive bidding process and won the contract at less than GHC1 million cost.
Matthew Opoku Prempeh, said four companies, had taken part in the competitive bidding process. The new company, had once managed the computerized programme under ex-President John Kufuor.
The company, he said had expertise and had been awarded the software management contract for one year. He said that, the new software, has been better than the previous ones, including having a self-placement feature.
Despite the high marks he gave the company, the Manhyia South MP, said the computer software, had been hacked by some unscrupulous individuals, who went ahead to place students in first class schools, including Mfantipim and Yaa Asantewaa, and these had to be reversed by shutting down the self-placement system.
He also denied, changing personnel manning the schools’ placement center and employing inexperienced hands.
Mr Atta-Boateng, had said that, all trained and experienced hands, had been transferred from the secretariat to other places, but the Education Minister, said some of them were only on secondment from the Ghana Education Service (GES) and had to return to their mother institutions, such a person, cannot be said to have been removed or transferred.
The Minister, claimed that the issue was rather with parents, who did not show interest in the schools their wards wanted to attend, thus allowing them to choose schools above their performance, but emerging from nowhere demanding a replacement.
Aside genuine mistakes such as boys selecting strictly girls’ schools and girls also choosing strictly boys schools which is being resolved at the Solution Centre at the Independent Squad, he had personally had to confront some students, who had lied to their parents about the schools they selected and pushing those parents to have them changed.
He disclosed that he had had cause to interrogate some parents and their wards, and they admitted they did not choose some of the schools they now want.
Some had also trooped to the Solution Centre, wanting to change their subjects from General Arts to Science among others.
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