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Anderson Cooper: Corey Lewandowski 'Wants to Please Daddy'


Sept. 18, 2019

CNN’s Anderson Cooper swiped at Corey Lewandowski , former Trump campaign manager (and former CNN commentator), for playing to an audience of one — the president — during his testimony today.
Jeffrey Toobin started by going off on the invocation of executive privilege at the hearing when Lewandowski wasn’t a White House employee, calling it “just outrageous and wrong.”
Rick Santorum said Lewandowski’s just going along with what the White House told him.
“But the president doesn’t have any magical power over Corey Lewandowski,” Cooper remarked. “You don’t have to comply to a letter from the President of the United States. This is not yet a dictatorship.”
Kirsten Powers said Lewandowski’s claim about the request from the president about Jeff Sessions doesn’t pass the smell test.
Cooper found it amusing that Lewandowski basically said he’s “happy to lie to the American people.”
“I know he was phrasing it as lying to the media, lying to reporters, but it’s not as if — the end result is you’re lying to the American people,” Cooper said.
Toobin said Lewandowski was clearly playing to an audience of one. He said, “He was performing for Donald Trump.”
Santorum suggested it’s more about playing to Trump supporters in New Hampshire ahead of a potential Senate run.
Cooper joked, “He still wants to please daddy.”
You can watch above, via CNN.
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