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Suzanne Somers' age-defying essentials


Sept. 17, 2019

Suzanne Somers' age-defying essentials: The stunning seventies icon shares the five products that help maintain her natural beauty at 72
She's turning 73 in a few weeks, but Suzanne Somers has never looked (or felt) better.
The actress and businesswoman puts much of this down to the fact that she always steers clear of toxins and chemicals - and this includes her beauty regime.
Having noticed how many chemicals are contained in the cosmetics we use every day, Suzanne founded SUZANNE Organics as a means to provide high quality products made with natural ingredients that actually nurture your skin.
'After my breast cancer diagnosis I became a wellness warrior to get all the toxins and chemicals out of my diet, home, and cosmetic bags,' Suzanne tells DailyMail.com.
'I couldn't find organic anti-aging cream, hair care, and makeup that really delivered, so I searched the globe for the best organic formulators and manufacturers to create my own line of Certified ToxicFree products.'
The company produces a range of products including skin care, hair care, and tanning products, all with the same commitment to being cruelty-free, gluten-free, and free from lead, PEGs, parabens, artificial colors, fragrances and petroleum.
Here, Suzanne shares with us five of her favorite products from the brand that she uses herself to maintain her natural, age-defying beauty.
Golden Tanning Serum, $34.99
'I have a little secret,' Suzanne says. 'I am not a sunny California girl with a golden tan. I am actually a pale Irish woman covered in freckles!'
The former actress explains that she has always been a fake tan devotee but she became increasingly concerned about the levels of chemicals in certain products, which is why her SUZANNE Organics serum is organic and Certified ToxicFree.
'The tanning actives come from Monk's Pepper Berry and French Polynesian sugar peptides,' Suzanne says. 'It glides onto the skin evenly, and then in a few hours you have a beautiful tan, without the sun, and without the toxins.'
True Brazilian Organic Activating Serum, $29.99
Suzanne tells DailyMail.com that this activating serum, which is applied to towel-dried hair, has completely transformed her tresses.
'It's loaded with organic botanical actives from the rainforest, like Cupuacu, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Abyssinian Seed Oil,' she says.
'This coats the hair with nutrient-rich strength and protection all the way down the hair shaft. It smooths the cuticle, repairs split ends, and makes your at-home blow dry look like you just walked out of the salon.
'Your hair is left super shiny, smooth, and unbelievably strong. All that breakage I used to get at the ends is a thing of the past.'
Liquid Oxygen Therapy Facial Serum, $54.99
'You can pay hundreds for pricey oxygen facial treatments, or revitalize and hydrate your skin at home with this anti-aging serum,' says Suzanne.
'It's absorbed immediately and is so light that your skin drinks it up and can go to work to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,' she adds.
'Instead of an expensive one-time facial, you can use this daily for concentrated benefits.'
Ageless Serum, $39.99
Suzanne says that in the past she used expensive face creams containing ocean sea algae and she loved the results they produced, but she disliked the high price tag and the added chemicals and fillers.
'I modeled the SUZANNE Organics Ageless Serum on those department store creams and loaded it with higher concentrations of the active sea algae in a nutritious base with no cheap chemical fillers.'
She says the resulting serum offers dramatic results in just 28 days. 'It transforms your skin, especially the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and improves tone and texture for a youthful glow.'
10 Toxin Free Nail Polish, $19.99
Suzanne says that nail polish is one of the hardest cosmetic products to make completely toxin-free, but SUZANNE Organics has eliminated the 'worst offenders' from its range.
She adds: 'I can say to those who want beautiful nails and chip-resistant, long-lasting color, we've developed a formula [that is free] of the top ten toxins used in conventional nail polish.'
The result is 'vibrant, richly hued polishes that offer easy, smooth application, long-lasting shine, and chip-resistant finishes in amazing colors, all made with the highest quality vegan products'.
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