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My bff[26f] has been cheating on her boyfriend[25m] who is also my close friend. He just found out because of me and I’m not sure if I did the right ......

Paulo João Lucas

Sept. 17, 2019

TLDR my best friend has been cheating on her boyfriend with a coworker. I am also close friends with her boyfriend, so I told my boyfriend who ended up telling him. There’s a huge fight and I feel like it’s mainly my fault, maybe I should have never said anything...
My best friend is cheating on her boyfriend of six years and who she has a child with. I’ve known about this secret for some time now, about a month, same with our other best friend. My boyfriend is also best friends with her boyfriend, so I’ve had to keep this secret from my own boyfriend as well.
I’ve been feeling so shitty about hiding this, and up until last Friday I was able to. I, cheating friend, and some coworkers had a few beers after work (including her side dude) and things got pretty hot and heavy between my bff and side dude when they spent 10 minutes in the car together afterwards. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and I told my boyfriend what I knew, he was appalled and immediately wanted to tell his best friend. I told him not to do it right now as it would just cause a shit storm and I didn’t want to be responsible for the demise of their relationship, I wanted that to be on my friend whose cheating.
A few days go by and turns out my other best friend told her boyfriend, who is the brother of my friend who is getting cheated on. (Sorry if that’s a bit confusing, but all in all we’re all very close friends, basically a family) Since my boyfriend and other guy friend both cannot hold in the cursed information any longer, they orchestrate a time when they would tell him what they know over a beer at the bar.
As soon as they say “she’s still talking to that guy” he knew immediately what was up and said he wanted to leave. Gets home and all hell breaks loose, screaming and smashing things and he told her to move out by tomorrow.
Well, at 1AM, our cheating friend’s mother decides to bang on my other friends door (who has a 3 month old btw) and when my friend wouldn’t come to the door, her mom leaves her a nasty voicemail saying “well you started the shit storm, real good job girls!” So not only is it safe to assume our cheating friend is pissed at us, I could assume that our relationship is likely ruined.
Did I do the right thing by telling my boyfriend that his good friend was being cheated on? I know I broke girl code, but moral code is more important to me at this moment. The guy being cheated on is my good friend too, and I just couldn’t sit by any longer and pretend like I was ok with this. I never wanted to know this secret or get involved. And really I didn’t, I just told my boyfriend what I knew and he told him almost immediately. But now it feels like I lost a friend forever, and on top of that, we work together. So it’s gonna be real awkward at work tomorrow.
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