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(UPDATE) I (30M) asked my wife (32F) of 5 years for a divorce after she confessed to me 2 weeks ago about volunteering to be a surrogate for her ......


Sept. 13, 2019

Hey folks,
So to start my day, i ended up going back to my place after some of you told me to do so.
When i got home my wife, was there and just looked at me and told me something like how she's glad that i'm back home and how i need to stop being so difficult with her and how i need to get back to my senses and need to stop being so difficult with this whole surrogate thing.
I wasn't in the mood so just went and slept in my sons room. One thing i remember is me getting a lot of PMs and comments about how maybe my wife is already pregnant, maybe she either cheated or had an affair and how some of you believed that this whole surrogate thing was a ruse so i got to thinking about my next step.
The next day i tried talking to her and once again she was being very difficult with me so i just straight up told her that the divorce is real and how this marriage is over and how i just wasn't happy especially these last few weeks and just like how i imagined the waterwork started. She again called me an asshole and asked me how i could even do that to her so i pointblank asked her to do multiple pregnancy test in front of me which she refused right away.
She was fucking pissed, screamed at me at the top of her lung and told me in no way she was going to take a pregnancy test and called me crazy. Shortly after the argument and once she calmed down she stormed out of our house and i didn't see or hear from her for 2 days straight. That terrible bitch just left our son which made my decision even easier.
I tried calling both my SIL and BIL but both of them have seem to have blocked my number. This was all 2 days ago plus while this whole thing was happening my lawyer was working his magic fingers behind the scenes.
Now comes the fun part, she came home earlier today to pack some clothes as she told me that she was going to stay for a while with her sister and that's when i served her the papers.
Her face alone when she read the divorce papers said it all. She finally fucking realised that she made a huge mistake because what came next was her on her knees begging me, asking me why i was doing this to her.
In the end all i'm going to say is that she has been a fucking mess. My boy is staying over with my parents until i can figure out what else to do next.
This is what i'm asking in the divorce, full custody and she gets to keep the house. That should be better than nothing? If you're wondering why i'm asking for full custody is because well all these weeks she hasn't looked after our son at all. This whole surrogate thing has been her only focus while i'm the only one doing everything.
TL;DR: Divorce is real, wife was still deadset on the surrogacy until i handed her the divorce paper myself earlier today and now shit has hit the fan.
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