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Having issues with my (23M) girlfriend (23F) regarding video games.

Haji Iqbal

Sept. 12, 2019

How much is too much? I wake up 5AM everyday and work until 3PM and get home and showered by 430PM, then I get ready for the next day do what I need to do, prepare dinner and all that, that brings me to around 6. Girlfriend gets home around that time we talk for a bit eat dinner (we also text all day and talk on the phone for at least an hour and a half on drives home n shit) which brings us to around 730pm or 8 which is when I'll play wow until I go to bed at like 9 to be up for 5. The game came out on the 27th of august and my total time played is 19 hours and shes acting like I have an issue. She goes to school for like 4 hours a day and has so much more free time than I do and acts like I'm a criminal for taking an hour and a half or less a night for myself. Last she was crying and giving me the cold shoulder and I was accusing her of being emotionally abusive cause i was doing something so innocent.. just playing a game and not too excessively.. at least I think? She frames it as we only have 3 hours a night to chill and you want to spend half of it on wow (we live together). I'm at a loss here, I wanna play the game, but she makes me feel fkn guilty about it and punishes me by withholding affection and not talking to me even after I cave in and just turn it off.. idk if I'm in the wrong or not.
Tl;dr gf thinks I play too much wow, is she right?
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