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LADIES! Here Is How To Discard A Man You Are Not Interested In


Sept. 10, 2019

photo credit: viva-naija.com
Some men can be relentless in their pursuit of a love interest. As commendable as that is, men should not play blind or deaf when they realise that the recipient of their love couldn't be bothered about them.
Almost every average girl have experienced a pursuer she wasn't interested in, but who stubbornly refuses to take No for an answer.
A Twitter user has shared her trick.
She wrote: ''The QUICKEST way for me to discard a man is ''send me money''. And I'm always specific with the amount cause some men will send you the 20k oh. But if i know you can afford 20k but can't afford 80k, i would ask for 80k. Cause ''no'' is never just enough for them.''
Ladies, have you tried this method?
What other methods worked for you?
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