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Why Your Relationship Is Not Working The Way It Should Be


Sept. 09, 2019

All of us have always envisioned how we want our relationships to be. We always want the and -they lived happily ever after ending. But many are times this is not the case. I took the challenge and decided to ask my grandmother who has been married for 60 years now, how she managed to stay together with my grandfather for 60 years in marriage without separating and her answer was quit simple “We were born in a time when if something is broken we fix it and not throw it away like you guys do nowadays”.
This got me thinking, are we the reason why our relationships are not working the way they should? Is it our fault that the rates of breakups and fake love have increased?  The problem with us, especially ladies is that we go into a relationship with unrealistic expectations. You want to get into a relationship with a young man who is fully established with a house, a car and already rich something that most of the time is impossible especially in this kind of hard economy and unemployment pushing us to the sponsors who possess what we want.
There are some instances where the relationship does not just work no matter what, but in some instances, we are the ones to be blamed for the failure of the relationship. Our ego, our pride, our preferences, financial status, family backgrounds, jealousy, greed are some of the common unnecessary reasons why our relationships are not working. If you have chosen a person and decided on a sober mind that you want to get in a serious relationship with them, then its up to you to make it work.Learn to work with what you have and stop looking for excuses to break things off.
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