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Gears 5 Lost Outsiders: How to complete the side mission in Act 2

Carolyne lenaiyas

Sept. 09, 2019

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)
You'll find the Gears 5 Lost Outsiders mission when you reach the snowy open world area in Act 2. When you start or finish the New Hope mission in Gears 5, you'll find the Outsider Campsite, with a collectible called Lena's Journal. This will kick off the Gears 5 Lost Outsiders mission, which requires you to visit two communications towers. Here are all of the Gears 5 Lost Outsiders locations you need to visit in order to complete the mission.
Gears 5 Lost Outsiders: East Tower Substation
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)
The north tower is closer, but you won't actually be able to access it until you've visited the East Tower Substation first. Head to the south-east corner of the map, just up the path from the main objective, and interact with the door to open it.
Inside, you'll find Lena. Unfortunately, she's succumbed to the cold, but in the adjacent corner is the Security Memorandum collectible which will give you the access code for the North Tower Substation. Leave the substation and hop on the Skiff to head north.
Gears 5 Lost Outsiders: North Tower Substation
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)
In the north-west corner of the open world area is where you'll find the North Tower Substation, and once again it's down the path from the North Comm Tower. Interact with the keypad by the door to pick up Lena's Scribbles and gain access.
Inside, the substation has the same layout as the previous one. As you step inside the second room, Norsko — who is now a Juvie — will leap down and attack you, so have your Gnasher ready to blow his brains out. Instruct Jack to open the safe in the corner on the left-hand side to obtain the Seeker upgrade for his Shock Trap ability.
Voila! You've completed the Gears 5 Lost Outsiders mission and can carry on with the main objective.
Once you get to Act 3, make sure you follow our Gears 5 Scavengers guide for the other side mission in the game.
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