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Five Steps to Being Heart Smart


Sept. 09, 2019

On the path to “Happily Ever After,” many of us have hit some potholes or worse. Propaganda tells us that love should be easy , yet it rarely is. For anyone looking to better understand how to find that special someone and make a love connection, read on about looking within yourself and the five steps you can take to be heart smart.
One of my favorite “ Maryanne mantras ” is (with gestures):
You have to learn how to use this (your head) before you do this (have sex) so you don’t break this (your heart)! And for many of us we can sadly add… again .
Sounds simple enough, right?
Yeah, well, we all know that when we get the urge to merge it can be so intoxicating that we give in to it, hoping this chemistry will magically translate into “ Happily Ever After .” Yes, I did say you break your own heart, ’cause love doesn’t happen outside yourself. And while your heart may feel broken, the heart cannot break, per se. Love and the heart, like everything else, is energy – in this case, when it comes to relationships – a shared field of energy. Given that energy does not break, rather it changes forms, how, then, can we avoid this painful changing of form (perhaps, for some of you, again)?
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