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Boyfriend's family hates me. Please Help..


Sept. 08, 2019

People of reddit I really need some relationship advice. My relationship is at a breaking point because I haven't been able to connect with my boyfriend's family. We'll have been together for 3 years this May and we've been living together for almost 2 years. My boyfriend's mom has been just straight up evil from the beginning and my boyfriend doesn't believe me when I try to explain to him. It started with just her but I think her negativity spread to the rest of the family pretty quickly.
This is a huge issue in our relationship and it's prevented us from moving on to the next step of marriage. We've almost broken up multiple times over this and have even tried couple's counseling. Even though I attend all the family events, birthdays, and holidays he feels that I'm not trying. I'm a quiet person normally and whenever I try to have conversation with them, they somehow figure out a way to put me down or take a jab at me. It makes it very hard to stay motivated in building a relationship with them. I genuinely feel like they hate me and I think they've made it pretty obvious but he doesn't see this. He thinks they're trying to include me and I'm being rude and trying to avoid them.
I don't know what else to do I've given up so much to be with him. I moved out of state, dropped out of nursing school, and gave up my dog. I really miss my family and friends and I'm dreading the holidays coming up. In the back of my mind I'm thinking if things don't get better by our 3 year mark that I should just leave. I will be 24 soon and he's 31 I don't want to be stuck in relationship for years without marriage or kids. If anyone has gone through anything similar to this please give me some advice. What did you do? How did it turn out? **TL;DR;
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