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Going to a coffee shop with my boyfriend |32M| irritates me |28F| so much because of the way he wants to be a performer and have the coffee shop as ......

Baba Agba

Sept. 07, 2019

TL;DR! Going to a coffee shop used to be one of my favorite activities, but now it feels sad, since my boyfriend wants to entertain the people around us.
Hi redditors,
Can I ask your help? I'm a city dweller and urbanite living in the heart of Los Angeles. Going out every day means being around a wide variety of interesting people.
I used to love going to coffee shops and the energy of having so many cool creative people in one place. However, now I find it impossible to go without getting irritated.
My boyfriend is a handsome guy, the kind of handsome that opens doors and has people go out of their way for no reason. He gets a lot of attention wherever we go. However, when we're out together, my attention isn't enough for him. When we're out at a coffee shop, he'll burst into song or talk in a foreign accent for minutes on end. It gets the attention of people around us, but what that looks like for me: he'll frequently not say anything when I'm trying to have a conversation with him, only to burst into song a minute later. Or he'll let me talk for a full minute, before responding in a foreign accent, completely minimizing whatever I just said. It makes me very unhappy, since I'm then placed as the audience for his show.
I'm concerned that his need for attention is interfering with my happiness. It leaves me in the awkward position of the girlfriend attached to this guy who wants an audience. What should I do? Should I be content being his audience?
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