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Eloisa Jayloni revels in freedom busking gives her

JC News

Aug. 14, 2019

Busking is the act of playing music on the street or in public places for voluntary donations.
In the Philippines, a name to recall in the list of up and coming busking artists is that of Eloisa Jayloni.
A unique voice in an industry full of talented musicians, Eloisa started her love affair with music as a kid listening to her idols Cyndi Lauper, Shania Twain, and Celine Dion.
“I grew up listening to the 90s go-to pop songs,” she said.
Eloisa Jayloni
Eloisa’s songs go beyond different categories that tell about her personal experiences using well thought-of lyrics.
“Walang particular genre kasi hindi naman ako nag-aral ng music. I just love singing and listening to music, and what I’m drawn to is the meaning of the songs, the lyrics,” she shared.
Eloisa discovered about busking through a stranger, and since then, she has been at it in different places.
“Nung nakita ko nung may nagba-busking, I told myself, gusto ko ‘yan. Naalala ko nun, nadaanan ko yung taong nagba-busking and nakita ko na iba yung feeling eh. And how I wish nandoon ako sa position niya na ang sarap kumanta regardless kung may manood or wala,” she said.
Busking opened a lot of doors for the young singer. She has released the EP “Pangarap” under Warner Music Philippines. It has seven original songs including “Kung Ikaw ay Masaya,” “Blangko,” “TOTGA,” and “Wala Nang Masakyan.”
“Sabi ko nung time na ‘yun, ma-release ko lang ‘yung first EP ko, okay na ako sa music. Kasi I’m a busker eh, I didn’t know or I didn’t see the bigger picture. But then different opportunities came in and who am I para tanggihan ‘yun.”
Asked about her piece of advice to young buskers and aspiring musicians, Eloisa said, “They owe it to themselves to be happy and to do what they want to do or what they love to do. At the end of the day, it’s all that matters.”
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