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Special needs child and maintaining your relationships – Introduction

Covenant Oyetade

Aug. 13, 2019

Having a child can put extra strain on any relationship; having a special needs child brings additional challenges of its own. It can feel like the world is against you.
To help you strengthen your relationship with your partner while facing the challenges and delights of having a child with additional needs, theCoupleConnection has collaborated with the authors of Special Needs Child; Maintaining Your Relationship – Staying connected through the highs and lows Victoria Dawson and Antonia Chitty.
Through this collaboration, we have published a series of advice articles based on the content of the book.
In writing this book the authors drew on research from our parent company OnePlusOne to highlight the difficulties that many couples face in their relationship when their child has a disability.
OnePlusOne’s research provided a starting point for the book and both authors say they recognise that there is little emotional support available for parents of children with additional needs.
Follow the links for more information on how to maintain different areas of your couple relationship when you have a special needs child:
Maintaining intimacy Supporting each other at meetings Supporting each other and your child’s behaviour Acknowledging different feelings Improving communication
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