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5 Tips You Can Use To Catch Your Partner Cheating


Aug. 12, 2019

Does your heart pound for someone your gut believes is a cheater who has been cheating on you all along? If that's so, do you need to worry? do you need to confront him?
1. The signs are everywhere
You can tell if he has started wearing better clothes, has recently started hitting the gym to work out a lot or has been constantly getting WhatsApp and text messages. These are just the basic signs that could possibly mean that your partner is cheating, however they can also be spontaneous activities that could be misunderstood as signs of cheating. 
2. The gadget dilemma
This one is closely regarded as a sign of a cheating husband, but also as a great method to catch him red-handed. Basically, these signs can be seen when your partner changes his gadget passwords too often while trying to make an excuse to avoid disclosing them to you. Moreover, if he seeks to hide the screen while using the laptop or the PC, then something fishy is up.
3. Change in schedule
In our 9 to 5 jobs, we have a fixed routine that we follow every day subconsciously. Your husband has a fixed schedule of going home after work, but if he suddenly stays late at the office to work or seeks out time to celebrate a colleague's birthday or anniversary to which you were not invited, then he might be a cheating husband for sure.
4. Picking fights
Often related to adultery, he would try to get out of the house after picking up a fight with you, and chances are that he will sneak out of the house allegedly angry to meet his lover. Many women have revealed that their husbands often pick a fight, so if this happens to you, try a little spy technique where you will be required to follow him to know about his whereabouts under the false pretense of apologizing for the fight if caught.
5. Change in phone etiquette
If your instinct tells you that your man is a cheater, look for the signs when he takes a phone call or answers an unknown number. Talking to someone over a phone with a smile on the face or walking into another room while doing so are a few signs. If he's receiving text messages from random numbers, then it’s time to catch the cheat and solve the problem as per your wish.
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