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I (21F) am gonna give you ladies advice


Aug. 11, 2019

To the women in heterosexual relationships...
Please stop texting other women and telling her to back off.
If she’s not your friend, she doesn’t have to care about your feelings. She’s a stranger...a grown woman with no obligation to be loyal to the relationship between you and your man. If she crosses the line, it’s HIS job to cut her off. Let’s be honest: you only texted her and told her to back off because you know if you told your man to cut her off, he wouldn’t. Or maybe you did tell him and he wouldn’t (so why are you still with him?). Either because she is just a platonic friend (and people can have meaningful friendships with other people, regardless of gender, outside of the relationship. You not allowing that is controlling.) or her and your man are doing something. If it’s not innocent and he can’t cut off one person, leave him sis.
But stop telling other women to leave your man alone, whether they’re just friends or something more. It’s not a stranger’s job to make sure he’s loyal to you. That’s his own job. If he has a female friend that’s flirting with him, it’s his job to draw the line, not yours.
TLDR: don’t text her. If he won’t leave her alone and within reason, she’s making you uncomfortable, you leave him.
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