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A week from hell
Godson egejuru|Aug. 10, 2019
My (22f) dad died on Monday. He was too young and too good of a human and I am so broken, but that’s a different story. Three days later his dad, my grandpa, died too. The conjoined funeral for the two of them is tomorrow. Easy to say it’s been the worst, most difficult week of my life. My “boyfriend” (23m) of 1.5 years doesn’t seem to care. He won’t be attending the funeral. He decided to go on a last min camping trip with his roommate this weekend. I can’t help but feel hurt by this. I wish he was going to support me. I don’t mean to have high expectations, but if the situation were flipped I would’ve brought his family flowers and asked how he was doing and just fucking been there. I guess we don’t have that type of relationship in his eyes. My sister(25f) has been dating this guy (28m) for a fraction of the time I’ve been dating mine and her bf is supper supportive and is going to the funeral and spending time with her. It’s actually embarrassing to me, I know my family is going to be asking where my bf is tomorrow. It just seems like we’ve been together long enough that things should be different.
Tl;dr: my dad died and nobody is there for me
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