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The child (13F) husband (30M) and I (29F) gave up for adoption wants to reconnect with us. I have mixed feelings about this. Would it be more ......
Bamba|Aug. 09, 2019
I got pregnant when I was 16 and he was 17. We arranged for the baby to be adopted. At the time we opted for an open adoption. She is now 13 and contacted us and wants to meet. She doesn't know that we are together (she contacted us separately) and we also have a 4 year old son together.
I don't know how she will feel about all this and I'm scared to meet her. My husband feels the same way but I think he's a little more open to meeting her than me right now. I have always felt bad about giving her up and am afraid she will not like me and feel rejected.
People who've met their biological parents, how did it go and do you regret it?
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