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Great Cancer Protection in Cruciferous Vegetables
Olorunlana Abayomi|Aug. 09, 2019
Nutrition scientists have shown, over and over, that people who eat more natural plant foods – vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, etc. – are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer . But are all vegetables equally protective ? The cruciferous family of vegetables is full of superfoods with powerful anti-cancer effects; we should eat vegetables from this family every day. This family includes green vegetables like kale and bok choy, plus some non-green vegetables like cauliflower.
To win the war on cancer, we must design an anti-cancer diet . What is an anti-cancer diet, exactly? An anticancer diet is one that focuses on the foods with the most powerful anti-cancer effects. If we ate plenty of these foods each day, we would flood our bodies with the protective substances contained within them.
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