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Madam Boss Lady Zari Has Changed Her Daughter's Name

John Thuo

Jan. 18, 2021

The Diamond family will not be taking advantage of their drama this year. They make one drama after another every day. They become the title. It was only when the real father of the bongostar Tanzania Diamond Platinum Baby Mom was revealed that the Zari Boss woman didn' t wait a moment, she went to her daughter' s Instagram page and changed her daughter' s name from Tifa Dangote to Tifa Nanyange. Their actions shocked everyone in Tanzania and Kenya.
During Mashamsham' s performance on Wasafi Fm hosted by Juma Lokole and Didah, Ricardo Momo revealed that Mzee Albul was not the real father of hit maker Waah Diamond, whom we all know and believe to be his true " father" . Ricardo added that Diamond Platinumz' s father was his real father as well. They share the same father but different mothers.
Diamond' s brothers add that they kept this secret from the public for a long time. Diamond Platinumz knows about it too, but he has decided not to let the cat out of his pocket. Even after being repeatedly accused of abandoning his " father" , Mzi Abdul.
We are a family, even though it' s a long story. Esma is my sister on Naseeb' s side. Esma and Diamond have the same mother. Naseeb is my brother. We share the same father named Pak Salum. he spoke.
The Diamond brothers are reluctant to provide full details of the entire scenario, forcing Wasafi TV presenters Dina and Locole to ask Diamond Platinin' s mother, Sanum Qasim, to clarify the information. Mama Dangote confirmed that everything Ricardo said was negated but the truth.
He said this was all kept secret so Mzi Abdul would know. But she still helped them, even thinking that she didn' t take care of him and left her later. He said Mzee Nyange, who died, was Diamond' s real father, not Mzee Abdul as everyone believed.
Mzee Abdul also confirmed the information, saying that the singer did not owe him anything. And now that the truth is revealed, he broke his relationship with his family and Diamond has to stop using his name because he is no longer his father or he has to go to court. Abdul also indicated that he was relieved and happy now that this had always crossed his mind and had all this time highlighted why his own son refused to help him completely. But now he knows he' s at peace.
Following the news, Mom' s Baby Diamond posted her Platinumz Diamond and Tiffah on her daughter' s page, under the title " Papa Nyange and Nanyange" . Their movements leave all the questions that need to be answered.
It seems that Diamond and the baby are doing well lately and they are said to be back together, but neither of them has confirmed this.
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