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3 Coolest Bag Trends You'll Spot On Your Favourite Fashion Influencers


Dec. 02, 2020

Many of the latest bag trends are just a comeback of the hand bang trends of the previous year like the straw bags, transparent bags and ball shaped bags. Others were different themes and materials on old trend. Fashion always comes around and fashion influencers would be spotted rocking this trends. Just know we told you first!
Anyways, these are the coolest bag trends right now;
Micro bags
These past months, appearance won over practicality this as street style stars chose to rock the world’s tiniest handbags. Looking like all your favourite handbag styles shrunk down to miniature proportions, these bags were as cute as they were small. So, provided you don’t need to carry more than your phone and credit card, be sure to give this trend a try. All you need to do is find your favourite handbag in a much smaller size.
Basket bags
Basket bags took over the street style and looked incredibly pretty while rocking them. These wicker and straw style bags appeared in a variety of shapes and designs, all of which partnered perfectly with easygoing feminine ensembles. The result was a picnic chic aesthetic that’s ideal for all girls brunch.
Clear case handbags
Clear case handbags are another significant trend for this fashion month, and we can see why. What better way to keep your bag and possessions in tip-top shape than a coating of plastic? Best of all, this top trend comes in a variety of options. So, whether you like a carry-all tote or a small top-handle bag, there’s an option for you. Additionally, you may be able to swap the inner bag to suit different outfits as needed.
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