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What will happen to you if you do not abstain from these two things - Reno Omokri.


Oct. 25, 2020

Reno Omokri a preacher of the gospel and an aide to the former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan on media and publicity is a man well known and respected for his rare wisdom. He never ceases to flood his twitter timeline with words of deep insight, advice and encouragement to his followers.
As a preacher, he has much insight in the knowledge of the word of God. His daily nuggets on the word of God and on every other aspect of life makes his followers flood his timeline on daily basis looking out for nuggets to hold onto for the day. This has earned him much accolade from his followers as people never cease to be amazed at his deep thoughts life and wisdom.
Recently, he took to his twitter handle to advice on the importance of abstaining from smart phones or to TV sets once in a while. The use of smart phone and other electronic gadgets has so much become part of people's daily life to the end that some persons are greatly addicted to it and finds it difficult to do away with even for a moment.
In his advice, he is of opinion that abstaining from smart phones and TV set once in a while brings about mental clarity and that if one do not abstain from these two gadgets, it will always steal his focus and and his thought cannot run deep enough to catch big ideas.
Below were his words;
"If you fast from food, you get spiritual clarity. If you fast from smart phones/TV, you get mental clarity. Set out day every month to fast from your device, so your thoughts can run deep enough to catch big ideas. These devices are stealing away focus."
Below were people's reactions to his statement.
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