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MUST READ!!! How Your Phone is Damaging Your Health


Oct. 17, 2020

Since the invention and widespread of smartphones, addiction has been one of the underground side effects that no one sees as being negative. In reality, however, smartphones have detrimental side effects on your health, which you should really start taking seriously.
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Here are a few ways that your phones have been damaging your health:
Posture: Have you taken time out to notice your posture while using your phone? You are always Hunched over your screen. Our addiction to smartphones is reportedly having a terrible effect on our postures. When using your smartphone, try to remain in the right posture because a poor one can cause terrible back problems in later life if not corrected in time.
Source|| Orthoatlanta
Sickness: for many of us, our phone is the object that we hold and take along with us, throughout the day. This causes germs and many other harmful bacteria to accumulate on the phone’s surface over time. It would have been less if we wash our hands and clean our phones regularly, but we all know that only very few do that.
Wipe your phone regularly and your hands too, in order to stay safe from any potentially harmful organisms that may be on the surface. Not doing so is equivalent to walking around with a germ hotspot
Hearing: most people listen to music on their phone, with extra loud volume. This poses a risk of hearing issues later in life, including tinnitus. For your safety, it is important that you only listen to music at safe levels. Low to medium sound is recommended. Avoid extremely high volumes at all costs.
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Relationships: Chatting is preferred by many to voice calls, at least for quick communication. However, research has shown that when it comes to discussing sensitive matters in an argument, the chat is the worst possible way. When annoyed about an issue with your loved one, abstain from your phone. Sending that two-line text may be very destructive. Remember that it is just a text, and you are not there to explain what you actually meant.
Sleep: finally, addictive behavior with phones could take a toll on your sleep, which takes a toll on your health. Having a poor sleep habit means a degradation on your overall health. Also, turn off your phone at least one hour before you go to bed, and use a separate alarm if you can.
Soure|| Networkworld
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