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Employees Discover Stray Dog Learned To Open Office Door So He Has A Place To Sleep At Night


Oct. 15, 2020

A four-year-old stray dog named Joey had no place to go when it starting raining one night.
Seeking shelter and warmth, Joey wandered around the streets of Thailand until he found a governmental office complex.
This amazingly clever pup ended up teaching himself how to open the door to one of the bathrooms so he could escape the rain and sleep inside before the building closed down for the night.
It became Joey’s nightly routine, and one night the employees discovered the stray dog sleeping inside the bathroom.
“We did not train him to do that,” one of the office workers told Newsflare. “He just did that by himself and we were amazed after seeing him open the door for the first time.”
The building employees quickly fell in love with Joey’s sweet and loving nature, and were more than happy to accommodate him.
They’ve given him full reign of the bathroom at night, they feed him throughout the day, and he’s become the unofficial building mascot.
Each morning, Joey wakes up, opens the bathroom door, and spends the rest of his days wandering the streets around the building before returning as the sun goes down.
Meet this adorable pup in the clip below.
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