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REVEALED !!! How to Prevent and Treat Eczema


Oct. 13, 2020

Eczema is one of the mildly-aggressive diseases that do not have a cure. This is so because they do not destroy or affect the body as quickly as most other skin diseases do. 
Source|| Allure
Although eczema has no cure, there are ways through which you can keep it under control, and even prevent it in the first place. They are:
Prevent Flare-Ups: flare-up is another them for when eczema aggressively spreads over your body. You should do everything to prevent this from happening, How? visit your doctor to get recommendations on moisturizers or medicines suitable for you.  
Note that one solution does not work for everybody, which is why we recommend you see a doctor. It might also take a few trials and errors before you discover what works for you.
Take time to discover your triggers: eczema triggers differ from one individual to another. They do not suddenly spread around the body, but are triggered by something. Common examples include allergens, dry skin, certain foods, stress, soap, tobacco smoke, etc.
You can carry your doctor along while discovering your eczema triggers for professional advice along the way. 
Source|| eczemaless
Ensure you use the Right cream/ moisturizer: in the battle against eczema, taking care of your skin is the most important factor. It is also your first and most formidable wall against the infection. Always ensure you keep your skin from drying out at all times.
You can choose from either of ointments like petroleum jelly, body creams, and lotions. Your body might react to special products too, or products with certain ingredients. You should look out for such reactions and stay away from the products.
Take baths and showers: baths and showers are absolutely necessary in the battle against eczema. Ensure you take your bath at least once a day for about 10 to 15 minutes max. Also, use warm water instead of hot and wash your body with a mild soap that wouldn't strip away your body oil.
During bathing, soap only your face, armpit, genitals, hands, and feet then use water everywhere else. Gently pat yourself with a dry soft towel.
Source|| Dazeddigital
Make your bath more effective: boost your bath by adding compounds that would make your body cleaning more effective. You can add baking soda, bath oil, bleach, oatmeal, or salt to the water.
Ensure you do not have an allergic reaction to any of these solutions before using it. Also, see a doctor for professional recommendation before doing this. 
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