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‘I wanted Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt but he scored two against me!’ – Jamie O’Hara revealed why he couldn’t get Manchester United icon’s shirt


Oct. 13, 2020

Jamie O’Hara revealed how he really wanted to ask for Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt – but couldn’t after he scored twice against him!
O’Hara and Ally McCoist were talking about some of the shirts they collected during their careers on Tuesday’s Breakfast show.
The one the former Tottenham man really wanted was Ronaldo’s and he had the chance to get it when he played against him while the Portugal superstar was at Manchester United .
O’Hara told talkSPORT: “I was a big collector of shirts. I loved having them.
“I grew up watching these players. I always wanted to try and get their shirts.
“I got [Paul] Scholesy’s shirt and that was a big deal as he was an idol for me growing up.
“I remember playing against Ronaldo once at Old Trafford and I played left-back and played really well… he only scored two.
“I walked off the pitch and thought ‘I can’t really ask for his shirt because he’s just scored two goals and I’ve played left-back’.
“I always wanted Ronaldo’s shirt but out of respect for the Spurs fans on the day I thought ‘it’s not right to take his shirt when he’s given the team a bashing’.”
Ally McCoist also had a few shirts that he was proud of owner from his time as a player and in the dugout as well.
He said: “I’ve got Dennis Bergkamp’s that I hold dearly. I’ve got a couple shirts that I’m proud of. Big John Terry gave me his shirt when Rangers played Chelsea and also David Beckham threw his jersey into the dugout when we played AC Milan. You can imagine those two tops went down well with the kids.”
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O’Hara added: “I had a Terry one. I had a Gascoigne one as well.”
McCoist replied: “I’ve got Gascoigne’s one when he scored that goal at Wembley believe it or not.”
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