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Reactions As EndSARS Protesters Plan To Go To Churches


Oct. 11, 2020

#EndSARS protest
While celebrities and other international stars have joined in fighting against the brutality of SARS, some religious leaders too have joined the fight.
The pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, has continually spoken out to challenge some government issues in the country. He has once again been applauded for speaking against SARS and joining the #EndSARS movement.
In some series of tweets, the pastor condemned the killing and firing of teargas at protesters during the EndSARS peaceful protest. He wrote:
https://t.co/W6M7Hq6Qcm is totally unacceptable for the police to fire teargas at young citizens attending non-violent #ENDSARS protests. We cannot sustain the idea that the voice of the African youth is not to be heard.
— Sam Adeyemi (@sam_adeyemi) October 10, 2020
Also, the Catholic church on Saturday released a statement condemning the SARS group and demanded that the government yield to the demands of the citizens while the Elevation church also joined the demands to EndSARS in a statement posted online.
— The Elevation Church (@elevationng) October 9, 2020
In the spirit of protest and demanding that more religious body speak up, some people have suggested that the protest be taken to the church. This has generated different reactions from people. While some agree with this, others believe it is wrong.
Below are some of these reactions:
Just got off the phone with my mum and she said they told them in their church meeting that it is yahoo boys and criminals that are protesting and clamoring for #EndSARS . Unfortunately a lot of the older generation share this sentiment and it is really disappointing.
— Rotimi Ibitoye (@Timi_Toye) October 10, 2020
I heard some Christians are planning to drop #EndSARS inside offering envelope in church tomorrow 🤣. Funny as it sounds, it’s a welcome idea.
— B h a d o o s k y (@BhadmusAkeem) October 10, 2020
What are the church leaders saying in all of these? What’s CAN’s position on this issue? If we are truly the salt of the earth, this is when we need their voices heard. We need them in this fight to #EndSARS .
Dear pastor, while you pray, speak out on this issue too. #EndSARS
— Uncle Celestine (@cyberomin) October 10, 2020
Please do not disrupt any Church service tomorrow.
The #EndSARSProtest has nothing to do with the church rather with @MBuhari to #EndSARS .
Don’t raise any banner or placard during sermon.
Please respect the place of worship
— Tosin Olugbenga #EndSARSProtest (@TosinOlugbenga) October 10, 2020
How you think #EndSARS protests are disrespectful say a lot but news flash they’re not. The church is a people not the building and if the people are under attack, then the church is under attack. https://t.co/rNuq0Pc8ce
— Werede Disgaise (@TheSagachristos) October 10, 2020
Sha drop a note with your money in the offering box with the #EndSARS #EndSarsNow tags. The Church/Mosques/Shrines should not sit back when members of their congregation are being dropped like flies. https://t.co/TJ5u09jV4z
— Mazi Thanos, Esq 🍥 (@Hugo_Chiez) October 10, 2020
Then you didn’t read your bible well…I won’t blame your pastor for this. Jesus whipped the hell out of sellers in the synagogue. https://t.co/vKA9gKL3Kp
— Sage. (@Olufisiayo) October 11, 2020
protest in church??????? that’s wrong ffs
— cza! (@omorinsolaaaa) October 10, 2020
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