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A Perfect Guide On How To Have S3x In The Shower

Phil Opt

Sept. 23, 2020

It’s one of the hottest and cutest places in your home that you can spice up your relationship or even marriage. Sometimes, we don’t always have to meet in the bedroom in order to get intimate, anywhere in the house should do.
When it comes to s3x in the shower, a lot of couples talk about it, unlike previous years when most couples don’t really care much about the kind/type of s3x or position they have with their partners.
In recent times s3x experts have revealed that s3x isn’t just about penetration (p3nis and vagina) but any act that will actually create physical intimacy with their partner.
For some time now we have many partners and couples fantasizing about anal s3x just to spice up their s3x life. As we already know, most couples are already into oral s3x which includes licking and BJ.
There are a whole lot of ways to enjoy s3x and also to spice up your relationship. In fact, guess what, you can think about having to save s3x with your pregnant partner, period s3x and a whole lot of it.
But today, let’s talk about how to have s3x in the shower and before we head to the shower the only warning I have for you two is that, “Things might get a bit slippery when… wet.”
Step 1
Clear the shelves, you’ll need the ledge where you normally store your shampoos, conditioners and three different shower gels to keep you balance.
Step 2
Grab the lube. The water might be enough, but it can actually make your skin feel like sandpaper during the act and you don’t want to face that problem.
Step 3
Pick a position with the lowest risk of slippage. Standing doggy-style (you bend over while he hits from behind) is a safe shower stunt. Just avoid anything that requires picking you up, unless you don’t mind telling the doctor it happened during shower s3x.
Step 4
Pay attention to the ramping and bumping from behind, it’s just too fun to miss and a good turn on for more thrusting.
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