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2 Things that women use to seek the attention of men.


Sept. 23, 2020

And that's why the women have become very innovative that they know how to attract men to themselves. The number one thing women use is the mode of dressing. Most women of nowadays do really know how wear to there best, because most men want to have a lady who is dressed to her best of her ability. And that's why shops that sell women clothes are blooming with all kind of customers.
The second thing is the hair and makeup,for sure it's only the sky is the limit for women. Most women go to an extra mile looking for beauty, some go to surgery just to get the beauty they want. I can't blame ladies for doing this things it's men who have pushed them to that. Every man wants curvy women, and that's why women will do anything and everything to get them, even when it means to endanger there lives. So in conclusion those are the things that women use to seek to the attention of men just remember to follow me.
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