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TRAGIC! How 50,000 Street Children Were S£xually Assaulted In Uganda


Sept. 22, 2020

As the government still struggles with the problem of evacuating street kids. A report has revealed that over 50,000 children are s*xually harassed especially in the entertainment dens.
Children make 53% of Uganda’s population of which 20% don’t live with their parents, which exposes them to those who rape and s*xual slavery.
Rogers Kasirye, who spearheaded the research the ministry of labour and gender, revealed that such acts are common in entertainment paces and children’s centres.
He further added the acts of s*xual harassment of children have gone skyrocketed through social media, is that the laws in place are weak.
Martin Kiiza the director of children’s authority blamed it on the laws that are loosely enforced. He added that they have plans to training LCs all over the nation concerning the matters of children.
Local leaders also attacked Nakiwala Kiyingi the minister for youth and children’s affairs, for failure to evacuate the street kids from their area as she had promised earlier.
He further added that the minister would get jobs for these children instead of just casing them away from the streets.
The residents complained about the dangers of the street kids in their areas including; pickpocketing, snatching cell phones, and stoning residents after failing to get money from them.
Minister Nakiwala confirmed that the required money to take care of the street kids has already been accrued and they will be taken off the streets very soon.
Kampala city and other districts in Uganda are flooded with over one million street children that stroll the streets during the day and some sleeping on them.
In 2012, The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) said it had received 17 cases of minors who were raped in just two weeks.
According to the country’s annual crime and traffic safety report for 2011 7,690 cases of rape were recorded that year.
“If we are to go by the police statistics, at least 21 children are defiled everyday in Uganda,” said Marlon Agaba, an ANPPCAN information officer. “These reported cases are however a tip of an iceberg as many cases aren’t reported due to a multiplicity of factors.
One absurd case is of a seven year old girl who was defiled and her uterus damaged. Another case is one involving a Pastor in Mukono who was caught in a lodge with a 17 year old girl.”
What is very disheartening is that most often the perpetrators of these crimes are people who have responsibility over children like parents, teachers, religious leaders and guardians.”
Some men defile children below 10 years because they think that such children do not have HIV/Aids.
Meanwhile, we will like to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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