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How To Cover Your Ears While Swimming


Sept. 22, 2020

There’s almost nothing more annoying than getting water lodged in your ears when you go swimming. You’re out having a good time, but the extra moisture in your ear can drive you crazy and ruin your day. What’s worse is you could end up getting a super uncomfortable ear infection called swimmer’s ear. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can use to keep water out. If you do end up getting some water in your ears, don’t worry! It’s also pretty easy to get it out safely.
Wear earplugs to help block out water. Put in over-the-counter earplugs or use specially designed swimmer’s earplugs to block out water and keep any from getting into your ears while you swim. Choose a pair that fit comfortably and create a tight seal in your ear canal to keep water out.
Choose swim molds for the best protection. Swim molds are custom-fitted earplugs made out of a waterproof material such as silicone. They create a tight seal in your ear canal and keep out water. Visit your local hearing doctor or specialist to have a pair of swim molds designed to fit your ears perfectly. 
Put on a swim cap that covers your ears. A swim cap, or bathing cap, is a tight-fitting head covering usually made out of a water-resistant material like silicone, latex, or lycra. 
Choose a cap with sides that cover your ears and put it on over your head. Use a swimmer’s headband to help keep earplugs in place. If your earplugs keep falling out, or if you have a child wearing earplugs to swim, a swimmer’s headband can help hold them in place and keep water out. Put in a pair of earplugs and wear a swimmer’s headband over your ears to keep them from coming out. 
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