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Do We Really Need A Life Partner?

Aba Brew

Sept. 22, 2020

If you are asking do we really need a life partner and came here looking for a definitive yes or no answer, I am sorry to disappoint. But just like some people like pizza and others prefer fries with chicken, it is your call.
It is your life, you know what you need. The reason you may be asking yourself this question is that society has insisted upon it pretty much since the beginning of time.
Marriage or at least a long-term commitment is still considered the norm in most societies. And if you want marriage and commitment and a life partner, you probably already know that.
Do we really need a life partner?
If you are stuck between a yes and a no, you may need the help of a pros and cons list. There are certainly benefits to both having a life partner and going life alone.
But which is more suited for you? Well, you must figure it out on your own. So, check out the benefits of having a life partner and not having one. Which sounds more appealing?
The benefits of having a life partner:
#1 Having someone to depend on. We all know the relief you feel when you come home at the end of the day and vent about your boss, the traffic etc. And having someone to vent to is a whole heck of a lot nicer than posting your rant on Instagram Stories.
#2 Security. Whether having someone to take care of you financially, in case something goes wrong with your health, or just to cuddle with you after a long day feeling that security is so important.
If you thrive knowing you have someone to call, having a life partner is amazing.
#3 Trust. Being single is nice, but without truly knowing someone that trust just can’t be there. When you share your life with someone trusting that they will come home to you, hug you, confide in you, listen to you, it is what it is all about.
#4 Intimacy. The closeness of having a life partner is like nothing else. Committing yourself to someone for life gives you an intimacy that cannot be created by a fling. It isn’t about s3x, passion, or urgency. It is indescribable.
The benefits of not having a life partner:
#1 Freedom. Yes, I know it is cliche. Freedom is something some people cannot live without. And although I don’t think sharing your life with someone takes away your freedom, it does stop you from doing anything you want at any time. And if you can’t handle that, a life partner might not be what you need.
#2 Less worry. If you do not have someone to share your life with you have one less person to worry about. That could sound sad, but for those that want to focus on their happiness and their happiness alone, it can be quite an advantage.
#3 Less responsibility. No life partner means you are no one’s emergency contact. No one is depending on you to bring home the bacon. No one needs you to feed them or bathe them or make sure they don’t forget they have a doctor’s appointment.
You are only responsible for yourself.                 
#4 No jealousy. Again, you don’t have to worry if flirting with someone at the department store will get you into trouble. You don’t have to worry about being jealous of someone else.
Some people crave that romantic and intimate connection forever while others prefer a life of spontaneity and newness. Both are fine!
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