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4 Signs Your Partner Needs Some Space Even If They Haven't Told You About It

Maame Enuwah

Sept. 14, 2020

Human beings are social beings and in as much as we need to rely on other people to survive, sometimes we need to disconnect from the world to feel like ourselves again and there is nothing wrong in wanting an alone time so do not let anyone make you feel guilty about. However, in a relationship, asking for an alone can be difficult and may not be easy to voice out for the fear that one partner may misunderstand or take it in the wrong way. Often this is why most people hide their true feelings in a relationship and the more reason why you should paying attention to your partner's action to know exactly what they want or what to do. Here are 4 signs your partner needs some space:
1. They seem closed off 
 If you noticed your partner has closed off and is no longer themselves, perhaps they used to be lively but have recoiled into their shell, then they simply want to be left alone in their thoughts for a while before they return back to normal. When you notice this, you can try to get them to open up but if they ask for space, be willing to give it to them. That might be the best option for you both.
2.  They seem distant 
 If your partner has been holding back their thought or seems a little off or simply does not seem enthusiastic about spending time together, there is probably a lot going on in their minds. You have to note that it may not necessarily be about you but it’s probably about their own personal problems. In this case, just allow be. They will definitely come around.
3.  They are suddenly oversensitive 
 Your partner no longer laughs at your silly jokes but finds it annoying and has become overly sensitive, this should send a message that they want some time alone. When someone hasn’t had a much needed time-out, they tend to get irritable. Hence, the need to let them have some space when they ask for it.
4.   They don’t text or call often 
 If your partner has not been texting or calling you as much as they used to, there might be a possibility that they are going through something or need some alone time but rather assuming the worst, go and ask them what is going with them. If they still do not open up, be patient, or give them time to get back to themselves.
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