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Killer Whale Who Famously Grieved Her Dead Calf For 17 Days Has Been Spotted With Her New Baby

A. Adedayo Gbenga

Sept. 09, 2020

In 2018, a story went viral detailing a mother’s heartbreaking journey through grief.
Tahlequah is a killer whale that lives in the Puget Sound of the Pacific Northwest.
The world watched as she famously set out on her so-called “Tour of Grief” after her precious calf died just 30 minutes after giving birth.
For 17 days straight, Tahlequah swam about 1,000 miles alongside her pod — all while carrying her late newborn on her back.
Unfortunately, about 40 percent of young calves don’t make it. And Tahlequah’s group of orcas were once listed as endangered.
According to the Center for Whale Research, scientists recently discovered via drone imagining that Tahlequah was pregnant again.
As she crossed the border into Canada, just two days after Tahlequah delivered her baby, they got to see a miracle come to life.
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