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JEALOUSY - How To Face Jealousy Together as A Couple


Aug. 13, 2020

Jealousy is a complex emotion that keeps a person from feeling love, but also keeps them from falling out of love. It can function as an early warning signal that things are going wrong in a relationship. 
It can also mean that you are insecure and are easily threatened without enough reason. As a result of your jealousy, do you look through your partner’s drawers, purse or pockets for evidence that they might be cheating on you? 
Say something nasty about another person if your partner shows an interest in them?  Question your partner about their telephone calls?  Question your partner about their whereabouts?  Pay a surprise visit just to see who is with them?
It is quite easy for jealous feelings to control our emotions and behaviours. Jealousy could be a sign that your relationship has grown more distant and your sense of security is feeling threatened. 
It can also represent a lack of confidence you have in yourself to hold your partner’s love and attention. However, it can also be used strategically, in the sense that you can accuse your partner of disloyalty as a way of demanding reassurance that you are really loved and wanted.
Jealousy is certainly, the surest way of getting rid of the person you’re actually afraid of losing. The more possessive you are, the more you’ll demand love and loyalty and the less you are likely to receive it. 
So, what do you do when you find yourself in a committed relationship with an extremely jealous partner? First, if your partner’s jealousy is met with intimacy and reassurance, their jealous reaction will usually lessen.  
Therefore, if you can, offer lots of reassurance about your faithfulness and your partner’s attractiveness and desirability.
Secondly, what usually triggers a jealous reaction is the fear that your partner might have about you abandoning or dumping them for another.  So, if you can, reassure your partner that you’re not going to leave and that they don’t need to worry about you abandoning them.
Third, strengthen the bonds between you two as a couple, and find the actions that reassure your mate. You can even ask them what reassurances they would like. Fourth, make sure you act faithful, trustworthy and emotionally reliable.
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